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HSE A residual current device is designed to operate in the event of one of the following:

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HSE  Electrical installations on construction sites should be periodically inspected and tested:

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The probes of voltage detectors and test instruments used on electrical systems should be:

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HSE Which of the following does the Electricity at Work (EAW) regulations apply to?

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HSE The Electricity at Work Regulations require that:

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HSE The use of a multi-lock hasp with the appropriate number of padlocks is a recommended method of safe isolation where

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HSE Which of these is not a duty of a safety officer?

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HSE Which of these is not a duty of a supervisor?

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HSE All of these are causes of accidents in manual handling except one

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HSE _________ is not a precaution needed to avoid accident in manual handling.

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HSE One of these is not correct tip for manuals handling?

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HSE  _________ is not a precaution necessary in electrical work

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HSE Which of these is not a hazard in construction?

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HSE  All except one are the causes of accident in construction

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HSE Which of these is not a safety rule in using compressed air?

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HSE  _________ is not a way of handling of compressed gas cylinders?

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HSE All except one is storage of gas cylinders.

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HSE _________ is not correct about tool box talk?

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HSE  One of these is not true about the different types of hazards?

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HSE Who among these is not included in plant safety inspection?

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HSE One of these is not a step in safety?

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HSE  _________ is not one of the causes of accidents?

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HSE  _________ is not an example of unsafe act?

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HSE  Which of these is not a type of accidents

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HSE Which of these is not a hazard in chemical safety?

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HSE   Which of these is not a hazard in petroleum industry?

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HSE _________ is not one of the main provisions in the factory act?

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HSE _________ is not an advantage of ventilation

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HSE   One of these is not an audit process?

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HSE _________ is not one of the 4 Ps of safety

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HSE   One of these is not a type of sign boards

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HSE _________ is not one a duty of a factory inspector?

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HSE  One of these is not part of a JSA

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HSE  _________ is not a hazard in a confined space?

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HSE  Which among these is not a duty of a confined space attendant?

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HSE  Which of these is not a safety requirement for doing a hot work?

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HSE __________ is not a benefit of near miss reporting?

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HSE  ______ is not an emergency evacuation procedure to follow in the event of gas release?

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HSE   Under which of the following circumstances must injury accidents be recorded in the accident book?

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HSE   What is the aim of carrying out an accident investigation?

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HSE    You have witnessed a serious accident on your site and are interviewed by an HSE inspector. Should you:

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HSE  If you are drilling into concrete with a masonry drill, in which one of the following circumstances will you need to wear eye protection?

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HSE  When must you wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by your employer?

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HSE  When MUST an employer provide their employees with personal protective equipment (PPE

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HSE   Which of the following statements is TRUE when an employer issues personal protective equipment (PPE)?

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HSE    Which one of the following must apply to any hard hat provided

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HSE    When using personal protective equipment (PPE) legally you must do which of the following?

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HSE   When is head protection required to be worn on a construction site to comply with the Construction (Head Protection) Regulations?

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  1. Why should a high visibility vest be worn when working on roads?

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HSE     When considering what measures to take to protect people’s health and safety, PPE should always be regarded as:

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HSE   Which of the following does NOT cause skin problems?

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HSE When an assessment of hazardous substances has been carried out under the COSHH Regulations, the risks and control measures should be explained to:

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HSE  If your hands are very dirty, what should you use to get them clean

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HSE  What must your employer do if the daily personal noise exposure is at or exceeds 85 db(A)?

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HSE   What are the lower and upper action values with regard to daily personal noise exposure, as defined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005?

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HSE  At or above what level of daily personal noise exposure does an employer have to provide hearing protection if it is requested by an employee?

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HSE   You are most likely to catch Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis) if you:

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  1. What should you do if the toilets on your site are continually dirty?

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HSE  Excessive sunlight on bare skin can cause which serious health problem?

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HSE   What should you do if you hear the fire alarm?

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HSE  All new fire extinguishers are coloured red or of bright self-coloured metal. How do you know the difference between types?

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HSE  A black-labelled fire extinguisher contains:

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HSE   A red-labelled fire extinguisher should NOT be used:

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HSE  A workmate burns their hand on a piece of very hot metal. What should you do first?

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HSE  Which of the following items should not be in a first-aid box?

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HSE  If someone has fallen over and has stopped breathing, what is the first thing you should do?

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HSE  If someone has fallen off a ladder and they say their leg is broken, what should you do?

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HSE   Your workmate suddenly gets a foreign body in the eye. What should you do?

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HSE  The type of accident that kills most construction site workers is:

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HSE   Approximately 70 workers each year die on construction sites, the main cause of this is:

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HSE  How many people should be working on a ladder at one time?

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HSE   The rung of a wooden ladder has started to split, what should you do?

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HSE  Ladders should not be painted because:

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HSE  When can you work from a ladder?

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HSE  If you have to work at height and it is not possible to erect a scaffold, or use any other type of working platform or mobile elevating work platform, then you should:

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HSE  When working on a roof that has fragile, clear-plastic panels, what is the best way of preventing falls through the panels?

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HSE  When working on fragile roofs:

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HSE   What do the letters SWL stand for?

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HSE  Who should operate plant and equipment on site?

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HSE  What hazard is created when the head of a cold chisel ’mushrooms’?

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HSE  What precaution should you take before adjusting an electrical tool?

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HSE  An electric drill is to be used. Before use, who should carry out a check on the tool?

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HSE   What action should you take if an electric drill cuts out while you are using it?

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HSE  If you only have a mains voltage (230 V) hand drill and you want to use it on a construction site which only has yellow (110 V) socket-outlets, what should you do?

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HSE   What is most commonly used to reduce 230 volts to 110 volts on site?

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HSE   When using an extension cable reel, which of the following statements is correct?

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HSE   The lighting system failed, causing a short, which resulted in a fire. What class of fires would this be?

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HSE  Mesothelioma is associated with

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HSE  The process of pooling security ideas and viewpoints of architects, security and safety professionals and local police and fire officials in a coordinated effort to produce a facility with planned defenses before the actual construction is known as what?

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HSE   What is the purpose of using a ’permit to work’ system?

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HSE Why may young people be more at risk on site?

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HSE You have to enter a manhole in which you know there are toxic gases. You have all the PPE but there does not appear to be a rescue plan in place. What should you do?

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HSE  You have to walk across a site several times a day, but have to dodge a lot of site traffic. The first thing you should do is:

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HSE    A mobile plant operator can let you ride in the machine:

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HSE   In accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations, when considering whether to work live a responsible person should:

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HSE When is live working permissible?

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HSE  Which of the following is not a requirement of low voltage safe isolation practice?

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HSE The specific effects on the human body of a major electric shock are one of the following:

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HSE  What action should you take if a workmate gets an electric shock?

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HSE Who should guard jealously the responsibility of management and supervision?