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HSE.  At what point do you sound the fire alarm?

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HSE Guide to UAA covers the following except

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HSE.  You should avoid using _________________ fire extinguishers when extinguishing a fire in a confined space

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HSE. ____ restores partial flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart

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HSE     When considering what measures to take to protect people’s health and safety, PPE should always be regarded as:

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HSE  ___________is connected to the municipal fire alarm system.

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HSE  An accident with no damage or injury is called………..accident

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HSE.  The fire assembly point can be best described as:

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HSE  Which of the following items should not be in a first-aid box?

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HSE. Which of the following materials can be classified under Category D

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HSE   A red-labelled fire extinguisher should NOT be used:

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HSE    You have witnessed a serious accident on your site and are interviewed by an HSE inspector. Should you:

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HSE  Mesothelioma is associated with

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HSE  Who is responsible for emergency control measures in each of individual plants or installations?

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HSE  Conceptualization involves………..

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HSE  What hazard is created when the head of a cold chisel ’mushrooms’?

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HSE. Which of the following is true about dry powder fire extinguishers?

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HSE _________ is not an advantage of ventilation

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HSE  Which of these is not a safety requirement for doing a hot work?

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HSE  Who is totally responsible for providing PPEs for the protection of their employees as needed or required?

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HSE   ……………is a set of driving skills that allows an individual to defend himself against possible collisions caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, poor weather and bad road condition.

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HSE  When must you wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by your employer?

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HSE   Which of the following is correct for risk assessment?

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HSE   Rehearsal of real emergency situations in readiness for emergency response is termed

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HSE  The conducting connection, whether intentional or accidental, between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth, or to some conducting body that serves in place of the earth is know

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HSE One of these is not correct tip for manuals handling?

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HSE  _________ is not a way of handling of compressed gas cylinders?

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HSE  What is the minimum minute for resting in after two hours of continuous driving

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HSE  The focus of Risk management is to _____, ________, and _____the probability or impact of unfortunate events

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HSE   One of these is not an audit process?

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HSE The Electricity at Work Regulations require that:

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HSE  _________ is not a precaution necessary in electrical work

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HSE. A band of ____________ is displayed above a fire extinguisher that contains carbon dioxide.

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HSE  __________ fire extinguishers are specifically designed in order to tackle a class F fire.


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HSE ……..refers to management system used to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently.

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HSE   A tragic occurrence, crises, disaster or an urgent situation is ……….

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HSE ……….. is the extension lower limit for safety net

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HSE. Why is it important that you tend the nozzle when you have finished using a fire extinguisher containing carbon dioxide?

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HSE. When do you go to the fire assembly point?

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HSE   What is most commonly used to reduce 230 volts to 110 volts on site?

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HSE   …………… is an expert endowed with mechanical, technical and managerial skills in logistics and transport appointed by the company to plan, implement and control.

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HSE  When MUST an employer provide their employees with personal protective equipment (PPE

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HSE  Which of these is not a type of accidents

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HSE  How many people should be working on a ladder at one time?

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HSE. Human factors is often used in relation to

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HSE _________ is not one a duty of a factory inspector?

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HSE. The waste material that pollutes air, water, or soil is known as

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HSE   In accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations, when considering whether to work live a responsible person should:

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HSE   All of the following are environmental factors except

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HSE You have to enter a manhole in which you know there are toxic gases. You have all the PPE but there does not appear to be a rescue plan in place. What should you do?

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HSE  If you only have a mains voltage (230 V) hand drill and you want to use it on a construction site which only has yellow (110 V) socket-outlets, what should you do?

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HSE  Systematic monitoring of risk is known as

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HSE      Who is responsible for signing a company safety policy?

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HSE.  Which of the following types of fire extinguishers have a yellow band above it?

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HSE    Employees should always strive to perform work for which they do not have sufficient training ?

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HSE   What is the purpose of using a ’permit to work’ system?

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HSE The objective of emergency response are as follows except

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HSE  The process of pooling security ideas and viewpoints of architects, security and safety professionals and local police and fire officials in a coordinated effort to produce a facility with planned defenses before the actual construction is known as what?

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HSE.  When you see a fire on the worksite, what is the first thing you should do

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HSE  Ladders should not be painted because:

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HSE The full meaning of OSHA is____________

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HSE. Wood, plastic, paper and other solid materials are typically the culprits for ___________.

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HSE  If someone has fallen off a ladder and they say their leg is broken, what should you do?

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HSE  Health, Safety and Environmental Management system (HSEMS) is a set of tool that facilitate the best practices in proactive management of _____________

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  1. What should you do if the toilets on your site are continually dirty?

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HSE  If the hazard cannot be eliminated, the best logical practice to mitigate the specific risk is

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HSE    A good EMP should be………………………………………

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HSE  One of the following is associated with unsafe acts

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HSE The following are examples of personal factors of accident except………….

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HSE __________ is not a benefit of near miss reporting?

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HSE _________ is not one of the 4 Ps of safety

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HSE  If there is a black coloured band above the fire extinguisher; what does the colour of the band tell you?

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HSE  One of these is not true about the different types of hazards?

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HSE   Under which of the following circumstances must injury accidents be recorded in the accident book?

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HSE _________ is not one of the main provisions in the factory act?

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HSE  ________________ is a very careful study of all the components of work system in order to detect problems, to understand the relationship between the system and the problem in order to eliminate the problem and its potential consequences

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HSE ___________ is a procedure to follow in times of tragic occurrence, crisis, disaster or an urgent situation

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HSE  _________ is not one of the causes of accidents?

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HSE   Which of these is not a hazard in petroleum industry?

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HSE. __________ covers the design, construction, commissioning, and operation and maintenance phases of each project component

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HSE  When working on fragile roofs:

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HSE   The requirements for good communication in safety includes the following except;

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HSE Which of the following does the Electricity at Work (EAW) regulations apply to?

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HSE   The full meaning of NIOSH is_______________

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HSE  All new fire extinguishers are coloured red or of bright self-coloured metal. How do you know the difference between types?

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HSE  What is the full meaning of HEMP ?

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HSE    A mobile plant operator can let you ride in the machine:

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HSE  To enhance preventive measure in a company, attention should be paid to which of the following

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HSE  If someone has fallen over and has stopped breathing, what is the first thing you should do?

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HSE  Execution entails…………………..

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HSE   What are the lower and upper action values with regard to daily personal noise exposure, as defined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005?

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HSE   The rung of a wooden ladder has started to split, what should you do?

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HSE. One of these is a general instruction for safety

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HSE  ……………. Is the critical examination and cross examination of the nature, extend and approaches undertaken to complete a job or industrial operation.

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HSE  Which of the following best defines a factory?

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HSE   Planning involves………………………………

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HSE  At or above what level of daily personal noise exposure does an employer have to provide hearing protection if it is requested by an employee?

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HSE  Excessive sunlight on bare skin can cause which serious health problem?

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HSE   An accident with no damage or injury is ………………

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HSE  One of these is not the need for safety

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