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HSE  The result of an event, exposure or circumstances is called_________

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HSE Which of the following methods of hazard identification is adopted for safety analysis from reliability analysis of complex system?

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HSE  If someone has fallen over and has stopped breathing, what is the first thing you should do?

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HSE.  You should avoid using _________________ fire extinguishers when extinguishing a fire in a confined space

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HSE  How many people should be working on a ladder at one time?

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HSE    The following are the direct cost of an accident except………….

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HSE  The process of pooling security ideas and viewpoints of architects, security and safety professionals and local police and fire officials in a coordinated effort to produce a facility with planned defenses before the actual construction is known as what?

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HSE _________ is not a precaution needed to avoid accident in manual handling.

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HSE The use of a multi-lock hasp with the appropriate number of padlocks is a recommended method of safe isolation where

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HSE   The full meaning of NIOSH is_______________

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HSE  In journey plan, one of the following is not a means of communication

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HSE   ……………is a set of driving skills that allows an individual to defend himself against possible collisions caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, poor weather and bad road condition.

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HSE  All new fire extinguishers are coloured red or of bright self-coloured metal. How do you know the difference between types?

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HSE.  Wood, plastic, and paper are which of the following:

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HSE _________ is not one a duty of a factory inspector?

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HSE  Who is totally responsible for providing PPEs for the protection of their employees as needed or required?

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HSE.  Major hazards could arise from the following except

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HSE     A safety programme includes mainly four E’s except………..........................

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HSE  A workmate burns their hand on a piece of very hot metal. What should you do first?

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HSE  When MUST an employer provide their employees with personal protective equipment (PPE

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HSE   The professional responsible for the establishment of organizational procedures  is _______________

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HSE…………. refers to a systematic, comprehensive business approach to manage personal risk

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HSE   ____________ is an integral part of an industry

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HSE Which of the following does the Electricity at Work (EAW) regulations apply to?

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HSE. Direct costs in accident is sometimes referred to as ________

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HSE  One of the following is associated with unsafe acts

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HSE. __________ covers the design, construction, commissioning, and operation and maintenance phases of each project component

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HSE Purchase of an insurance policy is a ________ strategic risk management

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HSE     A safety programme includes mainly four E’s except………..........................

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HSE   A common default check-in-interval is every…….hour(s)

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HSE  ___________is connected to the municipal fire alarm system.

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HSE    In a low risk contractual activities, the contractor shall comply with …….

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HSE  A minimum of ….. hours uninterrupted off duty rest will be taken between shifts

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HSE  You have to walk across a site several times a day, but have to dodge a lot of site traffic. The first thing you should do is:

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HSE ……..refers to management system used to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently.

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HSE  A maximum of ………… hours driving is allowed within a twelve-hour shift

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HSE Which of these is not a duty of a supervisor?

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HSE  If your hands are very dirty, what should you use to get them clean

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HSE  Mesothelioma is associated with

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HSE When an assessment of hazardous substances has been carried out under the COSHH Regulations, the risks and control measures should be explained to:

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HSE  The full meaning of UAA is _______________

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HSE Which of the following is correct when it comes to the type of fire extinguishers you should avoid while fighting a fire in a confined space?

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HSE . Which of the following fire extinguishers would you use in order to extinguish an electrical fire?

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HSE...................……is the removal or disconnection of the source fuel that enhances the fire flame thereby extinguishing the fire

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HSE   The ratio of accidents due to human causes to other causes is estimated to be ……..

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HSE  All of the following is one of the five lines of defense for emergency response plan except

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HSE   __________ is a condition or circumstance that suggest a higher probability or increased chance of a negative outcome

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HSE  The focus of Risk management is to _____, ________, and _____the probability or impact of unfortunate events

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HSE  The modern safety movement started around ………..

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HSE   There are ………. basic steps for UAA techniques

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HSE  Which of these is not a safety requirement for doing a hot work?

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HSE Who among these is not included in plant safety inspection?

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HSE.   A dry powder fire extinguisher has a ________ band located above

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HSE The objective of emergency response are as follows except

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HSE   Which of these is not a hazard in petroleum industry?

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HSE  ________________ is a very careful study of all the components of work system in order to detect problems, to understand the relationship between the system and the problem in order to eliminate the problem and its potential consequences

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HSE Why may young people be more at risk on site?

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HSE  What precaution should you take before adjusting an electrical tool?

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HSE. Which of the following types of materials is responsible for fueling a Class A fire?

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HSE  To enhance preventive measure in a company, attention should be paid to which of the following

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HSE   Which of the following methods of hazard identification consists of formulating a list of hazard and ask simple questions in the form of if?

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HSE   Under which of the following circumstances must injury accidents be recorded in the accident book?

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HSE  _________ is not a hazard in a confined space?

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HSE. Where should you go if you hear the fire alarm going off?

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HSE ………… is a person with whom the travelling employee communicate to

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HSE  One of these is not the need for safety

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HSE    The following are needs for safety except …………

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HSE You have to enter a manhole in which you know there are toxic gases. You have all the PPE but there does not appear to be a rescue plan in place. What should you do?

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HSE  Which of the following items should not be in a first-aid box?

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HSE   Indirect cost of an accident includes the following except

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HSE   One of these is not an emergency service

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HSE  Who induct and train new drivers into the crews

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HSE  Recovery plans are always captured in

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HSE _________ is not one of the main provisions in the factory act?

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HSE  What hazard is created when the head of a cold chisel ’mushrooms’?

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HSE.  At what point do you sound the fire alarm?

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HSE …………is an area where area where access is limited to personnel and to authorised and properly endorsed visitors.

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HSE  The cost of accident somewhat intangible but nevertheless real cost is ______________

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HSE  Which of the following colours can be found in a band above a wet chemical fire extinguisher?

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HSE  Who is responsible for emergency control measures in each of individual plants or installations?

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HSE. Why is it important that you tend the nozzle when you have finished using a fire extinguisher containing carbon dioxide?

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HSE   The most important aspect of journey management is

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HSE   When using an extension cable reel, which of the following statements is correct?

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HSE Which of these is not a safety rule in using compressed air?

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HSE   The two types of permit to work are

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HSE   One of these is not a safety program

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HSE   Element of HSEMS includes the following except

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HSE  At or above what level of daily personal noise exposure does an employer have to provide hearing protection if it is requested by an employee?

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HSE. One of these is a general instruction for safety

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HSE. Human factors is often used in relation to

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HSE      Ergonomics is also known as

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HSE  ……………. Is the critical examination and cross examination of the nature, extend and approaches undertaken to complete a job or industrial operation.

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HSE When is live working permissible?

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HSE All of these are causes of accidents in manual handling except one

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HSE   Which of the following ia journey? Which of the following is to be checked before commencement of a journey?

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HSE The Electricity at Work Regulations require that:

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HSE.  Which of the following types of fire extinguishers have a yellow band above it?

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HSE  Which of the following methods of hazard identification is widely adopted by chemical plants to identify operation problem?

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HSE  If there is a black coloured band above the fire extinguisher; what does the colour of the band tell you?

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