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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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LM. In warehousing, the acronym FIFO means

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LM.  A reason to carry inventory would include:

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LM.  A set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user is called a:

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LM.  The total logistics cost factors need to be balanced against the:

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LM ………… is the order quantity that minimizes total inventory holding costs and ordering cost.

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LM.  ………. is the time that elapses between issuing replenishment order and receiving the material in stores.

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LM. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is commonly used to

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LM.  The most expensive form of transportation with respect to shipping goods is:

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LM. The aim of supply chain management is to:

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LM. ………. applies to the timely movement of materials from the sources of supply to the point of manufacture, assembly, or distribution

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LM.  ……… and physical distribution are the two major operations of logistics

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LM.   ITS means:

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LM.  The total logistics cost includes expenses associated with transportation, materials handling and:

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LM. Which of the following types of infrastructure support logistics and supply chain development

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LM.  Local governments are concerned with the construction and maintenance of …….. roads

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LM.  Which of the following is not a component of 4PL?

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LM.  Which of the following may not be a statutory role of the Federal Road Safety Commission?

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lm.  Complexity in the supply chain is caused by

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LM.  Which of the following is not a major transportation problem in world urban centres?

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LM.  Dualization of Federal Roads in Nigeria is the responsibility of:

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LM.  The slowest form of transportation for shipping goods is:

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LM.  The management of an effective supply chain requires the coordination of a wide range of activities which include:

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LM.  Moving broken, unwanted, or excess products returned by consumers or resellers is called ………… distribution.

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LM.  What is the first step in choosing a supply chain?

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LM.  Which of the following mode (s) of transportation may play a complementary role in decongesting road transport system in Lagos?

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LM. Today, companies have to manage relation with their………… in order to ensure timely supplies and meet customer’s requirements

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LM.  The flow of goods from production to consumption is known as…………

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LM.  Which of these is not connected with Air Transportation in Nigeria?

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Which of the following statements is true

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LM.  All are International Airports in Nigeria except?

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LM. Deciding on the number of and location for stocking facilities for storage of products is part of which of the following physical distribution decisions?

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LM.  VMI stands for

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LM.  Logistics is the part of a supply chain involved with the forward and reverse flow of

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lm.    ………… segmentation classifies consumers on the basis of age, sex, income, and occupation

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Which of the following is not a part of Supply chain Management system?

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LM.  The lead-time gap is best described as:

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LM.   With which customer service factor are quick response and efficient consumer response delivery systems most closely related?

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LM.  An important feature of supply chain management is its application of electronic commerce technology that allows companies to share and operate systems for:

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Zebra crossing is a sign in which mode of transportation?

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LM.  The cheapest means of transportation is ………

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LM.  Lead time and order cycle time are the same as

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lm.  Ensuring the availability of the products and services as and when required by the customers is………… utility

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LM.  Eastern Nigeria to Western Nigeria Passenger’s trip are mostly carried out using ………


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LM.  The process of moving the raw materials from the place of the suppliers to the place of the producers is known as………….

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LM. A reexamination of logistics system helps firms

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LM. ……….. is the best option for time sensitive cargo

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LM.  Pricing interacts with a supply chain in many ways. For instance, transportation rate structures are adjusted by the carrier based on:

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LM. Which of the following is not included in the function of physical supply?

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LM.  All of the following are considered to be major logistics functions except:

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LM.   ………. is the integration and organization of information and logistics across firms in a supply chain for the purpose of creating and delivering goods and services that provide value to consumers

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LM.  Which of the following modes of transportation has been widely used for inter-continental trips?

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LM.  The green band of the traffic lights signifies ………

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LM.  Which of the following has not been used in the control of urban traffic system in Nigeria?

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LM.  A warehouse that emphasizes speed and efficient product flow to hold goods for short periods of time and move them out as soon as possible:

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lm.  Outsourcing involves

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LM. The word Logistics is derived from ……….. word

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LM. Fed-EX is an example for………… company

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LM.  What is one major fear of managers when they decide to outsource their logistics function?

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LM. Which of the following is not a mode of transportation?

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LM.   Distribution requirement planning is a system for

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LM.  ………… is a board range of activities concerned with efficient movement of finished goods from the end of the production line to the consumer

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LM.  Highways design is an essential element in transport planning and engineering.

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LM        The term “Logistics and “………” are used very loosely and interchangeably because both are considered as an act of procurement, movement, and storage of materials along the chain of transportation.

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LM. ……….. serves as the connection between various stages of a supply chain

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LM. JIT stands for

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LM.  Modes of transportation are typically evaluated on the basis of all of the following criteria except:

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LM.  What types of costs need to be considered in making global sourcing decisions?

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LM. Current trend in supply chain, there has been a shift in the power structure in a chain towards

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LM.  LAMATA and LASTMA are two transport management and traffic management agencies respectively in ………

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LM.  Road transport mode is relatively more important because of its………

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LM.   …….. is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and effective flow of materials, storage and distribution of finished goods from one point to another in order to fulfill customer requirements

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LM.  ………. is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase

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LM.. Most producers use………..to bring their products to market.

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LM.. Reverse logistics is required because

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LM.  Which of the following agencies is not involved in road traffic management?

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LM. Logistics, as currently practised, has its origin in

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LM.   ………. includes design and administration of systems to control the flow of materials, WIP and finished inventory to support business unit strategy

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LM.  A distribution channel moves goods and services from producers to consumers. It overcomes the major time, place, and ……….. gaps that separate goods and services from those who would use them. (a)  possession (b) profit (c) image

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LM. Toyota supply chain is characterized by

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LM.  The mode of transportation that accounts for the largest percentage of cargo moved in Nigeria is:

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lm.  ………. are goods with high volume, low unit value and fast purchase

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LM.  Transporting and storing goods is part of which of the following marketing channel functions?

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LM.  Combining different transportation modes in order to get the best features of each is called:

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lm.  The four Ps are characterized as being………….

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LM.  3PL stands for

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LM. SKU stands for

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LM. In ………… process execution is initiated in response to a customer order

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LM.  Supply chain management impacts all of the following aspects of the marketing mix strategy except:

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LM.  Physical distribution management involves management of good and services to first and second tier customers regarding their:

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LM.  What challenge do managers face when making re-location and sourcing decisions?

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LM.  A fundamental part of the distribution function is to get the product:

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LM. The physical characteristics of a product will often dictate the (a) forms of sales promotion to be used

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LM.  Which statement best describes a supply chain.

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LM.  The width of the road is often referred to as ………

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LM.  There are a number of key influences on the selection of distribution strategy. Which of the following is generally recognized as a key influence?

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LM.   BRT is an urban transport best practice and it stand for?

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LM.   NURTW Stands for ………

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LM.  The inventory management systems designed to reduce the retailer's lead time for receiving merchandise is called:

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LM. DRP stands for

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